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About this course

  • $1,776.00
  • 56 lessons
  • 57 hours of video content

Diagnose, Troubleshoot, then Optimize:

This is a Master Class on Fluid Level Shots & Dyno Tests (using Echometer equipment) + in-depth analysis of every facet of Rod Pumping Systems: gas/solids separation, POC’s & VSD’s, failure prevention, specialty equipment, etc. This course is my brain and passion dumped into the most engaging presentation you have ever seen… After purchasing, you have access to the material for 75-days and you can take the course at your own speed and in whatever order you want.

Course Outline:

Topics Covered

See detailed outline for full list of topics in each section (link above)

  • Fluid Level Shots & Dynamometer Tests

  • Downhole Pumps & Rod Design

  • Gas & Solids Separation, and Pump Designs to Better Handle Them

  • Echometer Equipment & Software

  • Run Time Control: Timers, POC's & VSD's

  • Chemical Treatment & Failure Prevention

  • Troubleshooting & Optimizing Wells

  • ...everything I know...

15-Years Experience -> 55-hr Course

I was hoping to condense my 15-yrs of knowledge and experience down into a nice packaged 40-hr course, but 55-hrs is as condensed as I can get it without cutting out any topics. It is a long course no doubt, which is why you have 2.5-months access to go through it, and since it is broken down into 1-hr videos you can skip around the material if a certain topic does not interest you or apply to your line of work. The slides and presentation are engaging and entertaining and I guarantee it will be the best course you have ever taken as that was the focus and intent as I put it together over the last 3.5-years! –Shawn

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